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Difficult extractions.

Some teeth have large roots in solid bone and can be extensively broken down and decayed.

They may have been root canal treated which can make the roots more brittle and difficult to remove.

These teeth need to be removed surgically and this is normally done under local anaesthetic.

Difficult Extractions'.jpg

They can also be removed under local anaesthetic and intra-venous sedation, particularly if more than one tooth has to be removed or if an individual is very anxious about dental procedures.


Here at The Harmony Institute these procedures are routine with excellent outcomes and there is nothing to worry about, even if it all sound a little daunting. You will feel no pain during the procedure, but you will have to take it easy for a few days afterwards.


Please refer to the full post op instructions for full details of what you need to do and a few days off work and sports may be required.

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