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For patients.We listen to your concerns and expectations every step of the way. We hope to make your visit a comfortable, and positive experience. If you're happy, we're happy.

For Patients

consultation The Harmony Institute


We listen to your concerns and expectations every step of the way.​

During your consultation we will discuss the best course of treatment for you, including taking X-rays if necessary. We will talk you through every step of the recommended procedure, including use of anaesthetic and sedation. 

post surgery The Harmony Institute

Post surgery 

After your surgery you will rest in our purpose built recovery suite. 

Some common symptoms after a tooth extraction include pain, bruising, swelling and bleeding. It can take up to two weeks to fully recover. We will give you written post operative care instructions when you going home. 

day of surgery The Harmony Institute

Day of surgery 

Fasting for surgery is not necessary. Ensure you eat a light breakfast or lunch and are well hydrated on the day of surgery. 

If you are having sedation for your procedure you will need to arrange and  escort to take you home from the clinic as well as take care of you for the 24 hours following the procedure.

sedation The Harmony Institute


We take the time and care to help anxious patients receive the care they need.

If you are uneasy about having your wisdom teeth extracted we offer the option of having IV sedation. This will be discussed during your consultation. More info on sedation is available in our FAQ section.

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