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Post Operative Instructions

  1. Take rest for the next 5-7 days.  
    Time off work and no travel recommended.

  2. Soft diet e.g.: fish, pasta, mashed potato.
    You will not be able to eat steak or crusty bread or other hard things and for the first few days nothing too hot or too cold.

  3. Painkillers: paracetamol 500mg two tablets and
    ibuprofen (Neurofen) 400mg one tablet four
    times per day for at least three to five days.  
    These are over the counter and are the best regime to be on but we might prescribe other painkillers, if required.

  4. Use gauze packs supplied in case of bleeding.  
    If bleeding is severe call one of the numbers given below.

  5. Tooth brushing today but not around surgery site and then brushing and rinsing from 24 hours post op 3-4 times per day with warm salty mouthwash or Corsodyl or Kin mouthwash.

  6. An icepack can be used for swelling from 24 hours post op.

  7. Some swelling can be expected, especially for lower wisdom teeth which should resolve in 4-5 days.

  8. If bleeding, pain or swelling seem excessive,
    then you should call 012241350 or 087-8563178.  
    Text a headshot to the mobile number above, if swelling excessive with your name, and the name of oral surgeon.

  9. We can provide you with a work certificate, so please ask.

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